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Wallis told Thomas, "Notice how her eyes are alive and sparkling...

From several hundred women, she was chosen by John "Ole" Olsen and Harold "Chic" Johnson, stars of the original Broadway production.

California historian Kevin Starr described it thus: "The stars emerging in 1940, by contrast—Rita Hayworth, Ann Sheridan, Ida Lupino, Lupe Vélez, Marie Windsor, Lana Turner, Lizabeth Scott—each possessed a certain hardness, an invisible shield of attitude and defense, that suggested that times were getting serious and that comedy would not be able to handle all the issues...

Just a few years earlier, Hollywood had been presenting the wisecracking platinum blonde, frank, sexy, self-actualizing.

Russell's friend was an up-and-coming film producer for Warner Bros., Hal B. a New York press agent and columnist for The Hollywood Reporter, had befriended Scott and tried to introduce her to people who could help her.

On September 29, 1943, Hoffman held a birthday party at the Stork Club—Scott had turned 21.

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