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During a mixer dance, in which women line up on one side and men on the other, each person dances down the floor with the person he or she meets at the head of the line, then gets back in line to wait for another partner.Emory, who is involved with several organizations, said she learned about Ocala Singles through word-of-mouth and has made good friends through the club, with which she has been involved for more than 10 years."It's always been really nice, a nice place to come," Helen said.At the recent dance, Mako Smith of Ocala and Tony Fiorello of Pennsylvania were dancing almost exclusively with each other.For her, married life includes an adjustment to being a full-time Florida resident, as she had been a New York snowbird.

"If it hadn't been for this organization, I'd still be alone down here," he said. The site won't let me change the age of people I may be interested in: 55 to 65 male Hello, I am looking for a christian lady to share life with. I am looking for a God fearing woman, someone that have allowed God, to take out and Re-placed and still Love God. God want his people to have the best, nothing less. Men pls don't be critical of the woman who carries and teaches the Word of God.... If you don't like what I do, please don't degrade me.... He laughed, recalling, "She didn't remember me after the first month; she remembered the guy from Germany," referring to a friend of his visiting from that country.Later, Doug asked Helen for her phone number and they began dating.

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He plans to return to Pennsylvania, but he and Smith intend to keep in touch, with her possibly visiting him there.

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