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She cares for him better than she seems to care for herself.

But her inability to apply logic to align the reality of her situation with an illogical desire, pushes her into the realm of self-decption.

I can vividly recall my pangs of guilt as I laughed throughout The Coen Brothers’ Fargo in 1996.

I felt guilty for laughing at something that was stated to be a “true story” and that was the point.

At seventeen, she was sent to a labor collective, where after a number of years a talent scout recruited her for Madame Mao's Shanghai Film Studio. Can't believe that folk won't sign up in droves for this one. Too bad you had no time for FLU- as usual an amazing discussion over there. Betty- hmm don't worry about the reviewer's, we'll overcome any flaws with a lively discussion. Some of the reviews aren't very complimentary about the author's writing style (this is not unanimous, though). And I have to say that the author's background is just so intriguing that it pushes me over the edge and makes me want to read it.

But due to misunderstandings in the communications of her English prior to her death, false rumors began to form into a “truth” that she had traveled to Fargo to find what she “believed” to be the stolen money buried in The Coen Brothers’ 1996 film.

For Kumiko is really no big deal to steal a company credit card and abandon everything in her life to pursue this newly formed purpose. As she attempts to set her sweet living love free into the nature of a park, she realizes the domesticated innocence is unable to connect to nature. Kikuchi’s performance matched with the impossibly cut rabbit elevate to tragedy as she leaves Bunzo on the seat of a subway.

As difficult as it may be, Kumiko has no choice but to pursue what she perceives as her personal destiny to to find her way to Minnesota in pursuit of what she now perceives to be her life’s mission.

So intense is the desire to pursue that ransom loot buried in Fargo she slips into an obsession.

An obsession that out values anything “real” in her life.

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